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about the founder

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Alvin Lee was born in Miami, FL and was raised in a musical family. His father, mother, sisters, and brothers are all accomplished musicians and were an integral part of shaping the vision that Alvin has to spotlight musicians in all genres, but especially those musicians that are working hard to keep the Sacred Steel tradition alive.

His early experience with music started when he was very young and took an interest in the drums. His parents nurtured that interest and ensured that Alvin had lessons on not only the drums, but also the guitar, bass, and pedal steel guitar.

Alvin Lee

The form of music Alvin learned was totally unknown to the world outside the church until the mid-1990’s, when folklorist Robert Stone attended House of God services and recorded the music, as well as its history, contributing the name “sacred steel.” A series of compilations featuring artists such as Aubrey Ghent, Calvin Cooke, and the Campbell Brothers, as well as the late Glenn Lee followed on legendary roots label Arhoolie Records, for whom The Lee Boys also record. The music coming from inside the walls of the House of God Church sparked a passion in Alvin as youngster and that passion lives on today.

In 2001, Alvin formed The Lee Boys; a true family band and took them out of the church and into the world. The Lee Boys have played to over 100,000 people globally. In 2002, he formed AJ Lee Publishing so he could have control over publishing rights for the 4 albums and over 20+ years of performing for The Lee Boys. He serves as a Sacred Steel Ambassador, introducing fans to this style of music at festivals, fairs, and other venues. Alvin is planning a Sacred Steel Summit; one of many that he has planned and successfully executed to be held in 2024.

Alvin Lee and The Lee Boys were proud to receive a Florida Heritage Award for their contributions to the state's musical traditions. 

In addition to his career in music, Alvin works hard to support his community. He has a long time involvement with youth sports, even forming a flag football league while living in Kissimmee, FL, and playing and winning the Flag Football Super Bowl 3 years in a row! Alvin is particularly passionate about at-risk youth.

Alvin Lee has a Dual Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and Elementary Education, as well as a
master’s from Grand Canyon University in Education Leadership. Alvin is an involved and engaged mentor to up-and-coming musicians and youngsters alike. He is approachable, kind and relates well to all people. In his free time, he enjoys playing his acoustic guitar, racing RC cars, table tennis and sports.

Alvin has the team and the passion to grow his organization, BN Touch Entertainment to be one of
the premiere companies to help the Sacred Steel industry become a household word by making it
accessible to all people. He is currently working on collaborations with Melody Trucks and Brian
Maurice as well as testing a Corporate Entertainment version of The Lee Boys, playing not only their
original music, but also popular cover tunes.

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