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The Lee Boys and Melody Trucks on Tour

The Lee Boys are one of America's most celebrated sacred steel ensembles, specializing in a little-known African American gospel music tradition thriving in South Florida. This tradition features lap and pedal steel guitars, a type of guitar played with a bar or slide called a "steel."

The Lee Boys are joined by Melody Trucks, talented vocalist and percussionist. As the daughter of the late Allman Brothers Band drummer Butch Trucks, Melody has continued her family's legacy in the world of Southern rock and jam band music.

The Lee Boys and Melody Trucks hit the road this September for a special weekend of shows:

Wednesday, September 13 - House of Music - Tallahassee, FL

Thursday, September 14 - Pineapples EGAD - Melbourne, FL

Friday, September 15 - Terra Fermata Tiki Bar - Stuart, FL

Saturday, September 16 - Florida Fin Fest - Jacksonville, FL

Check or visit The Lee Boys on social media for tickets and details!

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